New Review of Mistress Natalie West & Dungeon

A new client just sent this to Mistress Natalie West. Enjoy:

Hello, my name is charlie. i have been in the scene off and on most of my life. I have been to dozens of Mistresses over the years. Recently I was lucky enough to have enjoyed a wonderful session with the very attractive and beautiful Mistress Natalie West. Believe me when I tell you she is the real deal. What do I mean by the real deal?

First let me start by saying from the initial contact, subsequent
emails and arranging the first appointment, that she is by far the classiest and fun Domme that I have ever met. The icing on the cake is that in person she is an ultra beautiful and sexy female. Her face, smile, hair, body, legs and feet are perfect in every way.

Second, she is very professional in both her business side of being a Mistress, and also during the actual session. If you treat her with respect, she will be equally giving you her complete attention. If you are experienced or are a beginner, she has the experience to understand what your concerns and interest are and immediately puts you at ease. She is charming and comfortable being around.

Third, her play space is very nice, very clean, and well equipped with everything bdsm that you may desire. It is very private, safe and secure. Relax, you will be comforted to know that your time with her will be more than satisfying. There is even a nice shower and fresh towels for after your session.

Fourth, she focuses in on what your needs and wants are. You will receive what you are seeking. You can better your experience with Mistress Natalie by open communication. The more you tell her about you the better your session can be tailored.

Without going into too much detail, my session included: spanking, paddles, crop, various creative rope bondage, inescapable bondage, gags, teasing, face slapping, hair pulling, toilet, and my favorite of all anal play. She knew exactly how much of what to do and when. She is instinctively a true Mistress. Mistress Natalie has a fun personality and enjoys being entertained and entertaining. If you have a joke or something witty to say then do so!

Most Mistresses are working out of their apartments, or are escorts looking for additional clients. Mistress Natalie is a real Dominatrix with a real dungeon. Donations are similar in range to other so called Dommes. You might as well go to the best who offers the most.

In closing, over time memories fade. But I will always remember her politeness, professionalism, and of course she has a face and smile, and ultra sexy body and legs to die for. This is one Domme you just have to see!

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