Freya Mars Visiting August 12 & 13

My Dear Sweet Angels,

My name is Freya, your charmingly playful, alternative girl-next-door!

I’m often described as intuitive and down-to-earth, with an infectious personality, and many say I’m well versed in the art of arousal…

I love being kinky!

Discovering kink at a fairly young age has catapulted my sexuality into an evolution! The beauty is that the more I explore, the more I learn about myself and my own desires.

Desire is a well you can tap into…

Over the last 10 years I’ve worn many hats and gained quite a bit of experience. I’ve been Mistress, sub, ethical sadist, a masochist, and nearly everything in between! I’m excited to offer you an experience you may have only dreamt about, but perhaps were invariably a little too shy, or even a little too scared to acknowledge!

Enthusiastic consent is important to me, and while I no longer submit in my work or personal life, I acknowledge these experiences, as they afford me an immense understanding of what it means to have a healthy power exchange. Feel confident in my versatility and craft knowing I will always have the utmost respect for your boundaries and limitations. Whether you’re simply curious about what BDSM can offer you personally, or come with a lot of first-hand knowledge, I am excited to share a genuine and fulfilling experience with you!

Your one and only,

Freya Mars

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