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Still new to the Los Angeles BDSM scene and Dungeon West has already gotten a facelift!

Since our opening party, we have made many additions and upgrades to the dungeon.

In our Gold Room, we have added more mirrors so everywhere you stand you get a good view.  We added wheels to our custom padded bondage bed for ease of mobility (though We will miss subs sweating to move it to our liking!) This also allows you to use our suspension points with more ease. We also added a slipper chair, perfect for foot worship sessions.

In our Pink Room, we have added a custom St. Andrew’s Cross that can be tilted to your preference.  We hung even more mirrors. We also have a new piece of equipment, a large steel bondage cage from Extreme Restraints. It has a head trap–we can torment or ignore you–and body bars to separate the cage vertically or horizontally, limiting your movement inside or adding another prisoner!

Something is missing from this cage . . . you!

All our toys reside in the hallway between the two rooms.  We make everything available to hourly rentals but not party rentals–bring your own bag!

We’ve improved lighting options, separated the kitchenette from the lounge, and added more toys like single tails, floggers and Neon Wand.

Finally, we have made our outdoor smoking patio even cozier with an outdoor fire pit. Just another standard Los Angeles party staple in a totally unique space–consider us for your next party!

Still to be added latex vac bed, electric suspension crank and . . well, what else would you like to see at Dungeon West?