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Below are some reviews and comments by people who have visited the space:

Your choice of color and lighting and furniture is really classy. Actually the lights are the best i have seen in a Dungeon, very well done. i am into cool lighting myself and use to dabble in stained glass art. Wow, You really do have the high end going on in Your world. Nice twitter photo’s, really elegant. i have not seen that kind of quality approach in this town before as it use to be all bare bones and faux retail to the max pretty much everywhere.

–b., March 2012

The place is a three room space. Entering the door, you walk into a living room size space with a bed and a few chairs with a kitchenette to your right. Walking past that you’ll find two rooms decorated with assorted play furniture (cage, leather bondage table, spank bench, etc). One room also has an overhead beam for suspension bondage. These rooms are about the size of a standard apartment bed room, perhaps a little on the smaller size, i.e., leave your 4 foot whip at home.

I found the space intimate and warmly decorated. A nice place if you’re looking for a quiet place to take your play partner.
–Originally posted by beachdaman on Fetlife

Mistress Justine’s play space is immaculately clean, with really cool furniture, both BDSM and non-BDSM. It looks like a dungeon should look.
–excerpt from review of Mistress Justine Cross by j.

Intimate and artfully arranged, this is a cozy, inviting space with all the essentials and beautiful details.
–slave c.


As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

Dungeon East in DTLA remains open! Please check out here.

Mistress Justine Cross is available for appointments here.