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. . . to make room for a newer and more versatile cage-bondage bed.

From the Extreme Restraints website:

The Deluxe Puppy Cage retails for $849 (plus $78 shipping).

Our deluxe puppy cage takes bondage furniture to a new level. It has 3 major features that our standard cage does not have.

Powder Coating – Black powder coat allows for better rust protection and a rich black appearance

Head Trap – On the top of the cage is a head restraint that locks around the neck. This leaves the head exposed for abuse. It’s adjustable and uses two small locks for each side. (which we are including)

Body Bars- This creative feature allows you to separate the cage vertically or horizontally. This will limit movement of the person inside or a great way to separate 2 prisoners. Individual body bars can be used to further restriction of the arms. Comes with 4 bars that secure with simple screws.

This solid steel cage has a full sized feeding slot on the front door that fits most standard K9 dishes. Welded all the way around, for extreme security. When not using the cage it collapses into 6 pieces which can be placed under a bed or in a closet.

Assembly is easy and takes about 15 minutes using the provided wrench. The cage is made up of 6 parts. Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right and Left. With about a dozen bolts that screw the sides together the cage is complete. Dimensions are: 48 inches long by 32 inches in height and 30 inches wide. Each cage is made by hand by our talented blacksmith.

We are offering it for $500 or best offer. Please contact Us if you are interested. Thank you!