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Our Spank and Shine Station at Bondage Ball was a smashing success!!! We got the night started with slave jack who helped set-up and was rewarded by getting spanked first . . . then we were busy all night. Some ladies and boys willfully came thru the velvet ropes, eager to bend over our spanking horse to receive whatever we dished out–others We personally dragged from the crowd, to their equal delight. There was always a crowd, always someone getting spanked and always a ton of photos being taken!

It’s been years since there was a proper fetish event in LA and Bondage Ball was epic.

LA Weekly covered the event, here is a slideshow of pictures, included several of yours truly and the Ladies of Dungeon West spanking and shining up the masses.

Pleasure Chest donated Pjur lube to keep everyone shiny as well as giveaway paddles good for 15% off one item from any of their stores. We gave away so many, but we still have plenty more! They are more resilient than one would think–Mistress Lucy tried to break one on a lucky sub’s ass, but even this athletic beauty couldn’t do it–we all had fun watching her try.

A big thanks to Downtown Willy, maker of fine dungeon furniture, for donating the spanking bench to our station and generally dressing up the Belasco with tons amazing St. Andrews crosses, benches and chairs.

The station was busy all night long, but I escaped for a little while to walk through the other areas, and the whole space was packed. I couldn’t have asked for a better mix or layout with clubs like Bar Sinister, Dungeon, Bat Cave on every level; a VIP area with another stage as well as an outdoor smoking patio complete with spanking horses and St. Andrews Crosses of course!

Spanked, shined, sent home happy!

We packed up and returned to Dungeon West for the after party – the night was such a wild success, we could now relax with foot massages from our eager slaves.

We can’t wait for the next one! More pictures to be posted soon!


As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

Dungeon East in DTLA remains open! Please check out here.

Mistress Justine Cross is available for appointments here.