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FRESH MEAT LA is a play party for queer and trans* people of color and their allies.

From the promoter of the event:

In my journey exploring Los Angeles I’ve noticed a lack of spaces for queer and trans* people of color to learn about kink, BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, dominance, submission), and to participate in play parties. I’ve found the current scene to be dominated by heterosexual, cisgendered, and white players. As a trans* person of color it can be hard to want to participate in those spaces, which is why I am opening up FRESH MEAT.

Playing with BDSM and kink is a spiritual, sacred, and FUN part of my life that I want to make accessible to my friends, chosen family, and community. I would like to create an open, consensual, and safe space for people of color and their allies to experiment, play, and have their deepest, dirtiest desires reached. From kissing to spanking to being a voyeur to fucking to biting to punching to wrestling to fisting to humping… wherever you are at in your play, this party is for YOU!

Join me in creating this space by coming to FRESH MEAT this September, Friday the 13th at 9pm! To attend, get the location, and be put on the guest list YOU MUST RSVP. Direction below….

With love and leather,


* * *

To RSVP please e-mail FRESHMEAT.LA AT GMAIL.COM with:

1. Name or Playname

2. Age (21+ only)

3. Gender Identity

4. Sexual Orientation

5. Race/Ethnicity

6. Phone number

7. How did you find out about this party?


As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

Dungeon East in DTLA remains open! Please check out here.

Mistress Justine Cross is available for appointments here.