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During the month of January there are two awards ceremonies that are important to the adult entertainment industry, the AVNs in Las Vegas and Xbiz Awards in Los Angeles. Most of the adult entertainment is based right here in Los Angeles, from photographers, to models, porn stars and everyone in between!

We want everyone to be a winner, so for this month,* all 2014 nominees for the AVNs and Xbiz Awards are eligible for a shooting special at Dungeon West.

We are offering either a free hour with a 3 hour minimum booking or 20% off our day rate (10 hours.)

Check out our production page to find out more information about shooting at Dungeon West as well as numerous clients we’ve worked with in the past.  

Please read a recent review by a photographer.


We wish everyone good luck with their respective awards and we hope you shoot here soon!

*Must be booked by February 17, 2014.