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Amanda Blow, Sienna Sinclaire and Queen Frostine get naughty!

Amanda Blow, Sienna Sinclaire and Queen Frostine get naughty!

What better place to host a Naughty Candyland party then a huge private Los Angeles dungeon?

Sienna Sinclaire transformed Dungeon West into a Naughty Candyland for her meet-up group, Naughty Guide to Los Angeles.

Everybody paired up with a partner…each person takes turn and rolls the dice. The players moved up to the number of spaces on dice and they find out what to do next. First person to reach the end gets a naughty prize.

There were be some set backs in the game (you may lose a turn or get stuck in the Black Licorice Forest or the Candy Cane pass… Sienna knows how to spice it up so that everyone has naughty fun!

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As with every party, there is plenty of naughtiness that we canโ€™t photograph and post here, so you are going to have to come to see for yourself how wild things get here in the after hours!

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Stay tuned for more of Sienna Sinclaire’s amazing events here by joining her Naughty Guide to Los Angeles on Meet-up.

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As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

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