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FRESH MEAT is a play party for queer and trans people of color and our allies. This means it is an intentional BDSM and play space that centers queer and trans people of color, as we are often under represented in the “scene.” This may happen because it can be uncomfortable to enter spaces that are predominantly white, feelings of being the only POC in the room, increased experiences of non-consensual fetishization and objectification, and racial microaggressions, for example. And so FRESH MEAT was created!

This is a play party for…

people of color of all sexualities and genders
trans*gender people of all sexualities and genders
queer people of all genders
cis-gender allies who desire a play party where all genders are represented
nasty, filthy gender fuckers
white allies who are aware of the racial disparities that happen in the “scene” who enter the space knowing who it is for, and who actively work to bring more people of color into the scene.

FRESH MEAT is a NOT an exclusive party… it is an intentional space. If you are unsure if this is the party for you, please reach out with thoughts and questions to babypig (FRESH MEAT co-producer) on Fetlife or e-mail freshmeat.la@gmail.com.

We are so excited to announce FRESH MEAT is returning to the gorgeous Dungeon West for our next play party happening Saturday night, November 8th at 9pm!

As usual, we will close doors at 10:30pm for introductions. If you cannot make it on time please contact babypig to make special arrangements.

$10-40 sliding scale membership fee, please contact babypig to volunteer, QTPOC with financial need prioritized

You must RSVP to get on the guest list.
You must be on the guest list to get into FRESH MEAT.

To RSVP please send an e-mail to freshmeat.la@gmail.com with answers to the following questions:

1. Name or Playname
2. Age (21+ only)
3. Gender Identity
4. Sexual Orientation
5. Race/Ethnicity
6. Phone number or Fetlife handle
7. How did you find out about this party?

We cannot wait to play with you!

Love and leather,


As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

Dungeon East in DTLA remains open! Please check out here.

Mistress Justine Cross is available for appointments here.