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Several Ladies of Dungeon West have been nominated, please vote for them!

Voting ends January 8th, so time to get cracking all you real and virtual slaves:

Los Angeles Footnight Awards

2015 Power Promoter Award
Most Proficient, Loyal And Consistent Promotion of Footnight International Events.
*Justine Cross

2015 Most Fascinating & Captivating Model Award
The Year’s Most Unique, Interesting And Fascinating Footnight™ Model
*Justine Cross

*Natalie West
*Selena Seti

2015 Most Photogenic Feet

The Most In-Demand, Highly Downloaded, Most Attractive Looking Feet as Voted By The Fans Of Footnight International.
*Justine Cross

2015 Sexiest Feet
The Year’s Sexiest Feet As Voted By Footnight International Fans.
*Justine Cross

2015 Fan Favorite
The Most Popular Model Of The Year As Voted By The Fans Of Footnight International.
*Lynn Pops
*Justine Cross

2015 Miss Footnight
The most esteemed award for Footnight Models presented for Her Outstanding Overall Qualities And The Great Impact & Contribution She Has Made To Footnight International.
*Justine Cross

You know what to do.

You know what to do.

Mistress Lynn Pops

Mistress Natalie West

Mistress Selena