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Deviant – A Night for Queers to Explore Kink

Kink curious? Then come explore BDSM and kink with other Queers in a gorgeous private dungeon, Dungeon West.

**Must RSVP via Eventbrite:


– Bad bitch femme hoe-stesses (but super friendly!)

– Queers. So many babely babes.

– Play stations of all kinds

– Newbies and Experienced players alike

– Hanky code cruising (hankies will be for sale in a rainbow of colors, hanky code will be posted, byo Hankies encouraged)

– Deviant bdsm activities for all you dirty dirty pervs.

The concept:

A Deviant Play Party for Queers.

There will be several stations set up in the space:

1) spanking
2) bondage
3) electroplay.

You are free to mingle and try the different stations. There is also ample seating if you would rather just observe. There will be a hankies available for purchase if you want to flag! You can also bring your own toys to play at the other stations available. We will circulate some basic bondage and BDSM toys. There are play party rules posted, as well as guidelines on how to properly clean equipment.

CASH BAR Please drink responsibly. Smoking outside only.

The space: Dungeon West is the OG premiere private dungeon owned and operated by Mistress Justine Cross. Dungeon West is a modern, spacious, upscale dungeon performance art space. It is a 1400 sq. ft. open floor plan studio divided into three areas: lobby/waiting area, play area and domestic setting with kitchenette and full bathroom. There is free and easy street parking, but if you are drinking, we always recommend using Lyft/DD.http://www.dungeonwest.com/

Meet the Players:

Mistress Justine Cross – Hostess
Mistress Justine Cross is the owner and HBIC of Dungeon East and Dungeon West, Los Angeles’s premier dungeon studios. Internationally known, Justine has been a professional and lifestyle Domme for nearly 10 years, seeing clients all over the world. She has appeared in Los Angeles Magazine and Playboy, and done various BDSM consulting gigs for print and video productions in Los Angeles. She is the high femme queer you may have met at the Eagle or the Pleasure Chest, where she has run the Spanking Station fundraiser for the past few years.


mx. ruby – hoe-stess

mx. ruby is a queer and genderqueer hard femme. She is an outgoing aquarius who loves to ‘yenta’ and match-make. Come up to her and say hi, and she will do her best to make sure you find what you are looking for! mx. ruby was a founding member of the Against the Wall / Contre le Muir collective, throwing queer play parties and events in Montreal. She has a degree in sexuality studies and has worked as a teacher of bdsm; she brings Provider experience, and a deep love of community and leather queers. She will likely be spotted cackling with other femmes, introducing people, or off in a corner engaging in degenerate activities

Goddess Luci – Bondage/Hoe-stess

Goddess Luci will be running our Rope station. Want some pointers on how to get that perfect rope harness? Want to be tied up? Stop by our rope station and learn from this competent and outgoing Domme. Goddess Luci is a Domme with roughly 15 years of hands on experience. She is friendly, playful, and compassionate . . . with a pinch of sadism thrown in for good measure. She is also a practicing hypnotherapist, with a great love of high protocol and a passion for creating spaces where people can explore and create together

Mistress Celeste di Nixi – Impact Play

Celeste DiNixi’s dominance emerges from a combination of intellectual, creative, and sensual skills. As a queer femme, pansexual, lifestyle and professional kinkster, she is educated, experienced, and always improving, She will invade your mind, and her touch is addictive. Passionate about power, Mistress DiNixi always seeks to create scenes that leave their mark, even if no marks are left on your skin.


More TBD

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable


1. What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel sexy and cute and at your best! Latex, leather, lingerie are all awesome! You can even be naked if you want 🙂

2. Do I have to play or do anything?

The answer is No! Voyerism is participation, dears. Watching, looking cute, snacking, and flirting are all acceptable activities, as long as you do so with respect for the folks playing! No play is required at any time, and just watching and learning is ALWAYS okay.

3. What should I expect?

To have fun! We are here to help you explore, answer questions and make sure you have a great time! It’s up to you to decide your involvement.

4. Should I tip people working stations?

Tipping is always a nice gesture for a job well done.

5. Why is the address so hush hush?

Dungeon West is a private dungeon that is open 24/7 but by appointment only – we do not publish the address. It is only given to those with confirmed reservations to avoid any potential issues.

6. Who can come?

QUEER &glbt+ folx 21+. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will be a door person checking people in. All genders welcome.

Are you straight/Hetero identified? There are many other events in LA available to you, just NOT this one. However, we will not be checking ‘queer cards’ nor policing gender or identity in any way. Besides, we misplaced our Queer Card a few months back.

6. What is the photo/video/recording policy?

Absolutely not allowed! We want to make sure that people feel comfortable to play and express themselves, which is why we have a very strict no photo policy.

7. Do I have to be a Queer person 21+?


**Must RSVP via Eventbrite: