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Our Vision

LA Kink Pride – an online virtual celebration of GLBTQ+ workshops, events, vendors, local food and bar deliveries.  We prioritize GLBTQ+ presenters and business owners, but also include our allies as well.  Our mission is to keep the party going with the best (virtual) connection with like minded folx who identify as kinky and queer.

Hello All,

Welcome to the first ever official LA Kink Pride! We are hosting this event completely online due to the global pandemic of COVID.

While I have been a lifelong queer hard/high femme, I have never traditionally “worked” Pride.  I spent the entire weekend probably just like you: covered in gay sweat, aka glitter, enjoying a dozen events with friends, drinking, getting sunburned, laughing, seeing all lesbians outside their house for the first time all year and avoiding exes.

I realized that this was not going to happen this year.  And it made my heart truly sad, but then Los Angeles Magazine contacted me and asked if I was planning on doing anything virtual.  I kinda shrugged, reality setting in about how I wouldn’t get to spend my happiest and gayest days of the year with my dear ones, and said, “yeah sure, I guess so,” and started thinking about a couple of things I could throw together.  I hopped into the shower and started thinking about all my favorite queers and what we love to do and suddenly realized that I needed to do something MUCH BIGGER.  I ran into the kitchen and excitedly told my partner about the entire event that I just planned in the last few minutes and what we were going to have to do to get it all together.  She looked at me, looked at her lunch and said, “So you just planned an entire event in the shower and I haven’t even properly defrosted my wontons.”

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I’m a service top to make sure everyone has a good time.   I’m not a perfectionist, I’m an overachiever.  Many of my events were created just because 1) I saw a need and 2) I just wanted to throw them.   I just want people to have a damn good time.  I know I can do this for you.  I also know that this is a huge undertaking in bizarre times so I only ask of you to be kind to me and the wonderful staff of queers who are putting this event together.  We love you.  We are keeping our parties alive.

So I present you LA Kink Pride – I don’t think it will always run smoothly, but most of us like it rough anyway.  I encourage you to help out when you can and if anything goes wrong, it’s probably a sub’s fault – sometimes punishment is its own reward 

I am saluting you to have the best and happiest LA Kink Pride from behind my bright pink bandana face mask and black nitrile gloves!  I hope to see you virtually and in real life soon <3

With kink and care,

Mistress Justine Cross

Owner of Dungeon West & Dungeon East
Organizer of #BDSFemme
Co-organizer of Deviant

Huge thank you to our Sponsors!


As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

Dungeon East in DTLA remains open! Please check out here.

Mistress Justine Cross is available for appointments here.