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Episode 158: This is Halloween

This special episode features some past guests’ submissions featuring real sexual health horror stories. Join Nicoletta as she welcomes back Dirty Lola, Mistress Justine Cross, Isabella Frappier, and Dr. Laurie Mintz. From debunking condom myths, to butt plugs gone wrong, health care horror, and systemic -isms, this episode is not for the faint of heart and is sure to leave you reeling.

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Featured Guests:

Dirty Lola: https://dirtylola.wordpress.com/

Mistress Justine Cross: https://www.losangelesdominatrix.com/

Isabella Frappier: http://www.isabellafrappier.com/

Dr. Laurie Mintz: https://www.drlauriemintz.com/


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