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Spanking Horse

We rent out BDSM furniture and toys/props for your production or event.

BDSM furniture:

• Bondage Bed/Cage
• Saint Andrews Cross
• Spanking Horse
• Leather sex swing
• toilet chair

• leather suspension cuffs
• wrist cuffs (for suspension)
• padded leather cuffs (ankle and wrist)
• leather bondage mitts
• rope (nylon blend; various lengths and colors)
• red leather arm binder
• metal handcuffs

Sensory Deprivation:
• leather hoods
• spandex hood
• latex gasmask
• earplugs

• Vanq​uishe​r Sili​cone Whip by Sex and Meta​l
• Sept​a Whip by Sex and Meta​l
• single tails
• floggers
• quirts
• tawse
• cat o’ nine tails
• black wooden paddle
• black leather fraternity paddle
• knotted bamboo canes
• metal canes
• rattan cane
• acrylic canes
• police baton
• rulers
• riding crop
• buggy whips

• Chro​me Trip​le Ring
• Cock Ring Harn​ess
• spiked ball stretcher
• Mike’s Spikes
• various weights
• various small whips and crops
• Sadistix

Sensation Play:
• wooden clothespins
• metal binder clips
• plastic clips
• Japanese clover clamps

• Kink lab Neon Wand kit
Attachments for both Violet & Neon Wands:
—Power Tripper
–body contact wand attachment
–body contact attachments: rolling drum, Wartenberg wheel, garland flogger, ball chain flogger, metal fingernails
–electrodes: mushroom, rake, comb, ball tip probe
• Erostek ET312B
Electrodes Compatible with PES & Erostek:
—PES Sparkler
—Anal Tubular Electrode
—Electro-Flex Anal Plugs, Double Electrodes (Small and Large)
—Corona Stimulator w/Focusing Pods
—Prostate Stimulator Electrode
—Electro-Flex Anal Plug, Single Electrode (small)
–electrode pads (disposable, single use)

• wigs (blonde, brunette and redhead)
• panties
• stockings
• make-up
• bras
• nighties

Puppy Play:
• leashes
• collars
• dog bowl
• puppy cage
• rubber bone

• CB-6000
• metal locks and keys
• serialized plastic locks

• Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag
• ball gags
• silicone bit gag
• ball gag
• small cock gag

More items available for rental.

Please contact us for a custom quote.