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Head Mistress Justine Cross takes great care to ensure Dungeon West is the ideal dungeon for a variety of clients and purposes. Real reviews from lifestyle and professional renters as well as photographers and others who have rented Los Angeles dungeon, Dungeon West. The most recent are posted at the top.


Thank you for a wonderful stay at Dungeon West. We had an amazing time. Space was equipped and stocked perfectly. I do hope we left everything in order and to your liking. We truly can’t wait to do it again. Thank you.

–D. and Me, January 2019

Thank you for such an amazing space! This was our first experience. And now know some must have items for our toy box. We will be back. Nothing like this in sad little Nebraska.
–Harley and her joker, January 2019

Thank you for such an amazing playspace. My Pet and I had a wonderful day playing and exploring. I will be bringing her back again some day soon. She is already planning the next adventure.
–Master and pet, December 2018

Hi Mistress Justine,

I just wanted to say that you have really put together a beautiful, well-equipped space. We had a great time!

–G, December 2018

Thank you for the amazing playspace . . . it was the perfect escape! Can’t wait to try the other property!
–B&F, November 2018

Thank you for having us on our honeymoon. A dream come true for me and my better half.
xoxo, Lady & the tramp, November 2018

Again visiting the amazing dungeon. Thank you for always keeping the experience enjoyable.
–Mistress Kitten and her slut nikki, October 2018

Today, I pointed $30k at a man strapped to a bed. Today is also my birthday. Today I shan’t forget. Thank for you for a wonderful hocation.
–Adrian, September 2018

Sticks and stones may break my bones . . . but whips and chains excite me! Great group of friends!
–Mat, August 2018

Mistress J,
Been training boys for a year now. Finally had one who is serious enough and ready for a dungeon. Spark! came the idea. We found you! Wonderful environment, tools, toys, platforms. This morn we woke thinking of what to do next time!
I enjoyed my time with my Sir in your dungeon very much and would love to come back.
–Boy, August 2018

Tons of fun, roping and shooting!
–@gilphotograpy and @oodsandends, August 2018

Thank you for an awesome place. Had a unforgettable night.
–J., August 2018

Mistress Justine,
Thank you for providing an amazing & relaxing play space/therapy space. We really enjoyed and will be back.
–Mistress Kitten and her slut nick, July 2018

Thanks for a lovely night and our amazing holiday. Great play space.
–J&J, June 2018

Thank you for the lovely space.
–Goddess Aeon and Bunny, June 2018

Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful little venue. We had a great time! And a wonderful 2st)
–Elaine, May 2018

Me and my crew has such a great time using this location for our music video! So many fun toys to explore with!! Everyone in my crew went home with an idea to introduce to their sex lives hahah
Joshan, April 2018

Thanx again for providing such a great space to play! If there is anything we can do for you please call!
–Master JT, April 2018

This place is amazing!
–JT, January 2018

It was cold outside but hot in here. Thank you, Mistress Justine. We’ll be back!!
–J&S, December 2017

Had a wonderful time! Will always come back!
–Andy & Roni, November 2017

Thank you Justine! WE had a lovely anniversary here. It was a wonderful first dungeon experience!
–KG & RD, October 2017

Mistress Justine,
My Master and I had an amazing time at your dungeon! We were able to have one of the most intense scenes yet and it truly brought us so much closer. WE will certainly be returning. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!
–Ember and Charlie, September 2017

Mistress Justine,

My master and I have had a wonderful time every time we have visited the dungeon. Thank you for giving us a space and all the tools we need to make our sex life that much more naughty. See you soon!
–Master & dirty little slut, August 2017

Dear Justine,
Daddy and I had an amazing night here and are so so thankful for the experience. We are long-distance and do not get many opportunities to be intimate, but las night was our first dungeon experience, was everything and ore than I could ever hope for. Thank you!
–Bunny & Daddy, July 2017

Thank you for letting me torture and tease My pet in your amazing space!!!
–<3 Rowan, June 2017 Thank you for our 1st night of play. You helped open our eyes and reconnect. I will always be grateful for that. We will be back. –Heather & Joe May 2017 What a great way to spend a honeymoon night! Fantastic place! We loved trying out the things we don’t have at home. –Master Tom and slave petra, October 2017 Dear Justine, The dungeon was an experience my girlfriend and I will share and won’t forget for a LONG time! Thank you for opening up so many people’s minds about BDSM 🙂 Definitely will be coming back. Also tagging you in our instagram photoshoot posts for sure! xxx, –Lauren & Amanele, May 2017 I can’t explain how wonderful your dungeon was for my fiance and I. I was perfect getaway before he leaves for school. However, I don’t know how I’m possibly supposed to go home after a night in this fantasy world. Thank you for providing such a wonderful stay. –<3, H + C, May 2017 Thanks so much for providing this amazing space! SO MUCH better than an AirBnB! All the things! –Stacy & Ken, March 2017 Justine, This space proved right and wrong are not mutually exclusive after all 🙂 Many thanks. Until the next . . . –Ken A., March 2017 The leather was cold The sex was hot I tied her to the table and found her g-spot. he ripped y tights he pinned me down my mouth was full so I couldn’t make a sound Looking for a nest we found Dungeon West a cozy place for us to play and do what we do best and thanks to you Justine a mistress and a queen for all the things you do yours truly –Mr. Black & Mrs. Blue, March 2017 Justine, Best experience of our lives. Thank you so much! xoxo, Julie & Marco, February 2017 Thank you! Had a fantastic early Valentines day with the boyfriend! So much fun and we hit a milestone in our relationship! Can’t wait to return! <3, Nica & Andy, February 2017 Hi Mistress Justine Cross, I wanted to thank You for my wonderful stay at Dungeon West. My friends and I had a great time, and we really liked all the amenities and little touches such as plenty of towels and a charging cube for my friend’s cell phone. Keep up the good work! –Jackie, February 2017 Miss Justine, We had a blast for Snoe’s birthday, thank you for your hospitality! We will be back soon for more!!! Peace and One Love, Rain & Snoe, December 2016
OMG. My husband and I had an absolutely amazing time for our honeymoon. All your toys are so wonderful!

–J & R, November 2016

Hi Justine,

I wanted to thank you for letting us use your incredible space this weekend! We had an absolutely amazing time and we were blown away by how well equipped and clean the space was. Jack did a fantastic job helping us check in and making us feel comfortable in the dungeon.

Thanks again for the amazing anniversary weekend; we hope we’ll be able to stay again in the future!


A., October 2016 – 24 hour rental guest

I just stayed at Dungeon West this weekend with my play partners and I highly recommend this location to anyone considering it!!

Amazing facility, and an incredible experience we were able to have. The aesthetic of Dungeon West is remarkable and truly sets the scene for play like no other place can, especially for an overnight experience. Ha, well unless you have an incredibly furnished-for-play, beautifully lit dungeon of your own…

The best I’ve seen. Lucky to experience it.
Overnight guest kam, May 2016

Thank you so much! Was an inspiring and amazing experience!

–Ray and Rose, February 2016

Thank you for sharing your incredible space that allowed for an unforgettable experience and journey further into our relationship. Much love.

–Rasheed & Stef, February 2016

Hi Justine,

On behalf of my girl and I, we’d like to thank you for allowing us to stay in your “facility” last night. We had a wonderful time and the experience was something to be remembered!

Thanks again,

–Overnight guest, R., December 2015

Other dungeons I’ve been to in the past were situated in a house or condo within a residential area. What I absolutely loved about DW and quite frankly added to the ambiance was the fact that it was located in an industrial warehouse. Upon entering, I was impressed by the open floor plan and the studio setting. It made everything readily accessible as opposed to having equipment sectioned off into various rooms. The mood lighting set the mood and the sound system added the perfect touch. I found that the dungeon was stocked with quality, high end furniture and toys which only made the session all that much enjoyable. The sex sling and hoist were impressive and quite enjoyable for my bf and I but the spanking horse with the secret hitachi compartment was golden. It took a little trial and error to find the correct position but once found it was exquisite. The final touch was the fact that this dungeon had a wonderful and comfortable bed for additional bondage play or simply a place to relax and rest after an exhaustive night of play. Justine made the whole process easy and the customer service left nothing to be desired. I highly recommend DW and will be back.
–Overnight guest, Gina. September 2015

Thank you. We had a great time here celebrating my husband’s 1st together – we will be back!
–Overnight guest, K&J. August 2015

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at DW last night . Absolutely loved the studio and all its furnishings ! We especially loved the spanking horse with its accessories ! Lol. We’ve had previous dungeon experiences and DW was by far the best . We will definitely be back . Thanks
–Overnight guest, Gina. August 2015

Thanks so much, Justine! So well-equipped, clean and amazing atmosphere. Hope to be back soon!
–Professional dominatrix, Miss Lauren. July 2015

We had a great time at Dungeon West. This was a first here and we were overwhelmed how much stuff was available to us. Would definitely come back again.
–Overnight guest, Norm & Sheri. July 2015

You know it’s a good time when you get to hurt the ones you love the most. Happy Independence Day.
–Overnight guest, Automatik Eden. July 2015

Had a fabulous time! Great play space! Got to try some new toys – cannot wait to buy a spanking bench! And the bed was super comfy! 🙂 Look forward to coming back!
–Overnight guest, Karen & Steve. June 2015

night of fulfilling fantasy and exploring boundaries. Thank you for providing a place to play! Looking forward to more and more and more. We left stronger than when we came and the energy in this place is magic. Love the cage/mirror combo 🙂
–Overnight guest, April 2015

Beautiful Mistress Justine,
Thank you so much for the even more than anticipated overnight stay. We had an INSANELY AMAZING time and are leaving utterly satiated on every level this morning. There is nothing you didn’t think of, Dungeon West is perfect. there are just no words . . . We WILL be back!!!
xxx Jen, April 2015

Wow! Thanks for a Great DOMINA Party!
Dungeon West was hopping last night with lots of NEW faces! I enjoyed making new friends and PLAYING with a couple of sweet boys.
Thanks @CincoSub for hosting the event!

—-EmpressCaress on Fetlife April 2015

Great event.. Thank you
Thanks for a great event. My companion and i had a great time. I also much prefer the new venue. Kudos.
—by subbieesq on Fetlife April 2015

“I fell in love with the space as soon as I saw it. It’s not tacky or cliche, it is extremely tasteful, commanding yet homey and there is no end to bondage scenarios I could come up with in that space. I’m really hoping I can find a puppy or beast slave during this trip so I can train them using that lovely big cage,” Bella Vendetta in XBiz, January 2015

Once again our night was euphoric! We can’t thank you enough <3
*someone won’t be sitting comfortable for awhile –Sam and Cameron, January 2015

This was the perfect place for my collaring ceremony. Now that I am a collared sub, my Master said that i will be back again and again.
–Pet Sassy, January 2015

Amazing space you have here. I totally enjoyed my time there. I will definitely be returning.
–SadisticMe and Takara Bella, December 2014

Hi Justine,
Thank you so much for your space. We loved playing there. My Liege is already talking about “next time”.

Take care,
D. December 2014

Great place will be back, thanks for sharing your world
–Madame Blaxxx :), November 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed our night there! Beyond our expectations! It was a wonderful anniversary surprise from my husband. We will be back!

A special Las Vegas thank you to Mistress Lila and Mistress Sixx Vixen, our night was memorable!!!
–Phil and Rosie, November 2014

My partner and I were thrilled to find Dungeon West during a recent trip to LA. The space is absolutely perfect: everything from the impeccable organization of an endless supply of toys, props, furniture and equipment for every need, to the most comfortable bed we slept in during our stay. The rooms are clean and expansive, and the lighting just right: a dungeon experience conducive to anyone’s comfort level. Mistress Justine was great – an accommodating and, after an interesting snafu of our own, understanding hostess.

I should also point out that my partner and I are not exactly on the same level in terms of experience – he’s a master and I’m a sweet little novice, but the space was inviting, safe, and healthy. I cannot wait to go again!

If you’re considering a space in the LA area for any of your kink needs, from your quaintest fantasy to your darkest desires – this is the place. Do not hesitate: book it now!

M & V, Brooklyn, Overnight stay in August 2014

Mistress Justine,
Thank you so much for allowing my slave and I to rent your space for an entire weekend. Very cool play n stay place with plenty of fun toys and equipment for use. So nice for me not to have to pack n bring my own toys! Very nice to have a Keurig coffee maker n plenty of cold water. Thanks!
Lady English and Johnny, July 2014

Dear and Dungeon West,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you at your Dungeon this week. The setting and atmosphere is completely out of this world and extraordinary. The main reason that attracted me to You Mistress Natalie was sincere in Feminization and sissy training. I have followed your blog and updates regularly and I deeply enjoy reading all of Your entries. When it comes to these areas of interest, there is nobody that even comes close to matching You. It is evident that You have a understanding and passion when it comes to Domination and sissy training. From the moment I walked in, I knew this would be a memorable session to cherish forever. I have never been emasculated and treated like such a naughty little slut that I can recall. From the spanking chair to the bondage chair, there was no escaping Your grips. The sensation of being transformed into Your slut play doll made me feel complete on so many levels. Your razor personality, combined with your stunning beauty makes for a very interesting predicament. Serving You was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. I look forward to serving You soon and returning to Dungeon West.

Sincerely, Erica
September 2014

Thank you again for letting us use your space! We cleaned up and we left around 10:50 AM. We were especially excited to see that the cross had been fixed and that there were a couple of new toys in the closet! Our vacation is only half over but already this is the cherry on top. We can’t wait to come back again, have a happy July!

All the best,

B. and E., Overnight Rental June 2014

Justine –

I just wanted to write and thank you for the opportunity to access the facilities at Dungeon West. The experience was exactly what I was looking for – the space was impeccably clean, spacious and enabled us to have a great evening/morning. I can’t thank you enough for facilitating my late request to rent the space. It was absolutely perfect! My sub and I will be calling upon you again to once again, access the best dungeon around!!! – THANK YOU!

–b. February 2014

Hi Justine-

I wanted to say thanks for the use of your space for my shoot with Carissa, we got some great images. It was nice to have a lot of equipment and toys to choose from. I would like to shoot there again sometime if it can be arranged.

Thanks again – Brian, February 2014

Excerpt from original review about Mistress Lynn Pops from her website:

Our sessions have taken place at Dungeon West, which belongs to another gorgeous and highly-regarded Los Angeles Dominatrix, Mistress Justine Cross. The facility’s cleanliness, comfortable ambiance and abundance of equipment are notable. My lone complaint is that time seems to go by too fast in this place, yet in no way did I ever feel rushed. It is simply that Lynn knows how to naturally intoxicate the man who has an appreciation for the undeniable power that a sexy woman possesses. For those who might hesitate to visit a “dungeon” (I’ll admit this included me), be assured that there is nothing to fear.

–Pickle Jar Pete, January 2014

Dear Mistress Justine,

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a photo session at Dungeon West, and I want to thank you for helping make it such a great experience! You welcomed me and the models in a very professional, friendly way that immediately set the tone for the photo session.

I must say that Dungeon West was perfect. The space it gorgeous, and the possibilities for photography are nearly endless. The high ceilings, beautiful furniture, moveable mirrors, all made for an amazing shoot! My models really appreciated the private changing area, vanity mirror, and full bathroom. I really appreciated the open space of the studio, allowing me to set my lights exactly where they needed to be, and to pose the models in the best way with plenty of room for props. We all appreciated the kitchenette area and refrigerator where we could store our snacks and beverages during the session.

I’m happy to report that the models loved the images we made at Dungeon West, which makes me very happy!

I will definitely be back, as I have just begun to explore the possibilities at your studio. And I will be recommending Dungeon West to my colleagues.

Thank you again for providing such an amazing studio space!


b., January 2014


Dear Mistress Justine,

This was the perfect way to spend our anniversary! A sacred temple to the kink, love and pleasure. Thank you, thank you! We look forward to our next session!

Kat and Angie, December 2013

Her Sessions at the first rate Dungeon West facility which is clean, discreet & very well equipped & worth mentioning too is available to be hired by travelling Dominatrices for short & long stays.

Hogspy, September 2013

My play partner and I rented Dungeon West for an overnight stay. All the praise the space has earned is well deserved. It’s just as good as the pictures suggest. It’s spacious, and fitted out with lots of top-notch stuff. Yet despite the amount of equipment and toys, it lacks the clutter of so many dungeons. A lot of good taste has gone into putting it together. It was also spotlessly clean. Mistress Justine is best known as a Dominatrix, but she is also a very gracious hostess, taking care to see that people who rent the space enjoy their time and get the most out of it. I don’t think there’s anything to match it in LA.

–j. August 2013

Rental Review on Slixa by Mistress Aradia Abstruse

“Slixa is radically different from other adult entertainer directory style sites. Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily with no outside ads that diminish the REAL sexy women on the site. You’ll find large photos you can actually see and navigation that just plain makes sense. We never try to upsell you – free is free!

Slixa is classy, sophisticated, easy to use, and completely free. We think it’s revolutionary, and long overdue.” (Excerpt from Slixa website.)

Excerpt from rental review by Aradia Abstruse:

When I started working in this industry, I worked out of a house that had a beautiful space, with multiple semi-themed rooms and, outside of the play spaces, an unassuming, cozy atmosphere. I thought that being so spoiled from the outset might have ruined me, but turns out that there are plenty of spaces who are more than willing to meet high expectations.

This past July, Mistress Justine Cross reached out to tell me about Dungeon West, the space she’s been running for about two years. She saw the ads I had posted for when I was visiting LA, and invited me to check out her space as an option for rentals. After giving me a small tour on my second day in town, I had several sessions at Dungeon West, which allowed me to try a variety of activities, available toys, and get a real feel for the space itself.

Let me pull a Ted Mosby and share the pros and cons of Dungeon West:


-Wide Open Spaces

Dungeon West is a huge open space with a high ceiling, leaving lots of room to move around comfortably. I never felt like I had to worry about what I was about to run into when I was focusing on my client. I’ve worked in several small spaces before, and as a clumsy person, having to worry about maneuvering in a constricted area while trying to give my full attention to my client can be disastrous. Even if my clients never picked up on that frustration, having the problem completely removed from the situation made my sessions feel significantly better.

In the middle of the space, are several large black curtains hung on wires which means that with just a tug, the room can be divided into parts, and nearly all of the furniture is moveable, meaning the space was really mine to use as I saw fit. I could change it as I needed to accommodate my session as needed.

-The Decor

There is a photo installation of gorgeous women in latex in the entryway above the guest book where folks can sign in and express gratitude for their experience. The entryway couch is a comfortable place to have a pre-session negotiation with a client, and it is easy to take a few steps over to the fridge in the small kitchen area and grab them a water bottle from the fully-stocked fridge.

In the middle of the space, there are several standard pieces of BDSM furniture, as well as a carpet just begging to feel a slave’s quivering knees. There is a large mirror that is perfect for making a submissive slut watch themselves be defiled, and best of all, there are several tool cabinets that are STUFFED with all the toys needed to do it.

The next area is the “bedroom” and bathroom. The four-poster bed, with two nightstands, offers a homey feel for those who prefer their kink to feel more in touch with their typical sexual experience. The bathroom is small, but fully stocked with everything a renter could need. Oh, but be warned: that sink water gets hot and has a tendency to splash. Wash carefully.

-The Toys

The selection was excellent, with lots of options for a standard session. They were easy to access, and incredibly easy to find. Bonus: The way that they are set up is slightly hidden, so the submissive will never really get a chance to see what is coming.

-The Privacy

When a provider plays at Dungeon West, they get the entire space to themselves. Unlike other spaces where the noises from other sessions can become distracting and where potentially bumping into another provider and her client is a possible inconvenience, Dungeon West allows the renter complete privacy.

-The Sound System

There is music available for renters if they haven’t brought their own, and the sound system offers a high sound quality that offers some serious volume. There is nothing worse than renting a space and finding that all they have is a shitty boombox (made in 1999) that makes every CD skip. Also: Who carries CDs anymore? I want to be able to plug in my phone! Dungeon West has got their music game on lock.

Read rest of review on Slixa:


–Mistress Aradia Abstruse, August 2013

Excerpt from a review about Mistress Lynn Pops. Read the full review here:

The location was the very excellent Dungeon West, owned by Justine Cross and available to indy dommes for rental. It’s a beautiful, discreet place in West L.A., immaculately clean and very well equipped.

–oracle, July 2013

Excerpt from a review about Mistress Justine Cross. Read the full review here:

Her dungeon is by far the best I have ever seen.

–slave michael, July 2013

Mistress Justine Cross,

Just want to send you a quick note about Dungeon West.  I had a wonderful playtime with visiting Mistress Ai-Li on Thurs afternoon this past week.  The atmosphere was very accommodating with diverse options for all types of scenes. Cleanliness was top notch! Thank you for providing the space and networking with great Mistresses. Congratulations on a great playspace!

Best Regards,

–July 2013

Hi. FYI, I sessioned with Lynn at your place today. Great space! 🙂

–sub b., July 2013

Wonderful playspace! Thanks for creating such a lovely dungeon. xo

Mistress Aradia Abstruse, July 2013

Thank you for creating a safe, clean environment for my fiancee and I!  Had a wonderful time!

–S. and J., April 2013

Excerpt from a review about Mistress Justine Cross. Read the full review here:

A few days ago I had a very intense, sensual, and amazing session with Mistress Justine Cross at the all-new Dungeon West. I will never forget it.

First, a word about Dungeon West. Having outgrown her old space, Mistress Justine has a new, large, modern play space. It is gorgeous. Polished concrete floors, high ceilings with exposed beams, an amazing array of BDSM furniture and toys, as well as a spectacular four-poster bed (more on that later). I really appreciate lighting and music in sessions, it definitely sets the mood for me. Both the sound system and lighting added so much to my experience there!

There is complete privacy when you enter Dungeon West. No separate rooms with various sessions happening, only you and your Mistress. I really like that! You get the feeling that nothing except your session matters: no distractions of any sort. I felt completely at ease, safe, and relaxed. The space is enormous (over 1400 square feet). There is a full bathroom with shower, a kitchenette, and free street parking. It is super-easy to access from all Los Angeles freeways. The dungeon is located in an up-and-coming Artist District of Los Angeles.

In short, Dungeon West sets a new standard for play spaces in Los Angeles. And I have seen many of them over the years. Mistress Justine says, it is “squeaky clean for kinky fun!”

And she’s right. You could eat off the floors. And it is wall-to-wall kinky fun!

–-Originally posted on Maxfisch 3/14/13 by BillyPilgrim

Had to share an awesome place a very special friend and I were able to play at Wednesday night.

The place is Dungeon West and it is on the Westside. If anyone is interested in stepping outside the box as far as sex play goes, this is the place to go . . . I thank Mistress Justine Cross for her hospitality. I know we will return to play out our many fantasies.

Check it out, you will not be sorry you did.

–-Madison March 2013 Read complete review on TER

Excerpt from review. Read complete review here.

Hello, my name is charlie. i have been in the scene off and on most of my life.

I have been to dozens of Mistresses over the years. Recently I was lucky enough to have enjoyed a wonderful session with the very attractive and beautiful Mistress. Believe me when I tell you she is the real deal. What do I mean by the real deal? . . .
Third, her play space is very nice, very clean, and well equipped with everything bdsm that you may desire. It is very private, safe and secure. Relax, you will be comforted to know that your time with her will be more than satisfying. There is even a nice shower and fresh towels for after your session . . .
Most Mistresses are working out of their apartments, or are escorts looking for additional clients. Mistress Natalie is a real Dominatrix with a real dungeon. Donations are similar in range to other so called Dommes.

You might as well go to the best who offers the most.

–charlie, January 2013

Amazing space! Can’t wait to be back! xox

Mistress Jezabel, March 2013

We had such a wonderful time at your space this weekend.

Thank you for opening your doors and entrusting us with your amazing dungeon . . . the two hours just flew by. I loved your equipment and my wife enjoyed being restrained to the bondage bed as well as the st. Andrews cross. You have a terrific range of whips and floggers and I made good use of them. Your space afforded so many options that I had to maintain focus so as keep our session from being rushed believe it or not. We would love to use your space again in the future and we will keep in touch. Feel free to use this a review as long as you don’t include the email address.

Thanks again and we wish you are fortuitous new year.

–S. Dec. 2012


As of 10/15/2020, we have permanently closed our doors. Thank you for many years of kinky fun!

Dungeon East in DTLA remains open! Please check out here.

Mistress Justine Cross is available for appointments here.