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Spanking Success!

Our Spank and Shine Station at Bondage Ball was a smashing success!!! We got the night started with slave jack who helped set-up and was rewarded by getting spanked first . . . then we were busy all night. Some ladies and boys willfully came thru the velvet ropes,...

Spank and Shine Station at Bondage Ball

Bondage Ball is an epic fetish ball of 2000 people, gorgeous fetish models, latex fashion shows, badass bands, play stations, dance clubs–and the Dungeon West Spank and Shine Station. This July 3rd, Mistress Justine Cross will be at Bondage Ball along with the...

Join Us at Footnight May 31!

Join Mistress Justine Cross and along with Mistress Lucy, and Mistress Natalie West for Los Angeles Footnight. Can you imagine if you could get four pairs of gorgeous feet on your body at once? Go big or go home. We will be pedicured and dressed to kill.